Hotel Diablo

We were obviously going back and forth tryin to just figure out our own legacy riff, ya know what I mean. Like everybody has that one riff when you start playin it, like the crowds go crazy. 'Like oh my god, it's this song.' And I've tried that for the past two albums. Like that's like my third album, 'Bloom.' I was tryin for that, I got close but, this one as soon as you, like my, we would go back and forth.


We both had guitars

So my friend Nick was playing and I would play stuff. I was like stop everything and record that. Yungblud came in and he had 10 minutes to record his verse cause I had a session with Travis, that day. He walked in the booth, freestyled every part of his verse. It was just me and him. And I was just like, and when I say freestyle I don't just mean like, figuring it out. Off the top of the head came, ♪ Roll me up and smoke me, love ♪ I was like, 'Alright well, I gotta go, thanks man, I'll be, watch, watch I'm a do with this song'.

And I face timed him 15 minutes later and Travis was playin drums in there. Cause I walked in and played it for Travis. He was like, 'Aw dude, I got it, I got lay somethin on this'.

We're all essentially hanging out. The guitar riff's playing and there's all these girls making drinks and things like that and I freestyled this line where I'm like, ♪ watch me take a good thing, ♪ ♪ and fuck it all up in one night. ♪ And I'll never forget all the girls looked at each other like, 'uh, fucking mood'. That was the confirmation for me that we're runnin with that as the first line. Every time I sit an hear that first line, play for someone who hasn't heard the song they're always like, When I was recording Hotel Diablo, I feel like the studio house that the majority of that record was recorded in, literally was Hotel Diablo.

What I mean

I mean, that place was open doors for the entire city of Los Angeles. You'd be a, like a four day bender and realize like, 'eww, like who are these people like why am I, why am I wasting all this time with people I don't like'. I'm absolutely an infamous drunk phone caller. For sure, crossing the line, calling who I shouldn't be calling, and saying things completely out of pocket. Sad to say that I think the people around me just expect it at this point. Like there really is no point in apologizing or anything people are just like, 'Yep, you were on one last night'.

You ever really like somebody and you do somethin and ruin it and then they just ghost you? That's the silence right there. That line was originally, I can wreck it if I wanna and I will never forget. Youngblood looked at me and he was like, 'It's fucking corny man'.

And we were just like, oh well that's easy, like. ♪ It's just my life and I can take it if I wanna ♪ and everybody was like, yes. I think a lot of people think it just immediately means, suicide or and I think it's really just like I can take back my life. Take your destiny into your own hands, you know. Manifest what you want and make your life yours. When I say the hills have eyes and I got paranoia it's really just a reflection of living in Hollywood. Like there's so many people interested in your life and your business an its jus everything travels around, ya know. Gossip an, it's really ugly.

I guess me saying I hurt myself sometimes is that you scary for ya, is confronting all that.


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