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Hey everybody Y0kenB here and today I am bringing you the ability to split your Spotify audio channel from your normal desktop audio channel So this will be helpful if you want to adjust your Spotify volume But still keep the same desktop volume kind of thing now before we continue please remember to press the like down below if this video helps you at all and subscribe to my channel for more tech content and game content a shout out to Doyle Two Delta for showing me how to do this and also for your patronage.


If you do want to also suggest a video, Please support me on patreon and you will be able to get your own content out. Now to get to the capability of splitting Spotify with voicemeeter banana. Ok, so what we want to do is. We want to open up Spotify And when you get to Spotify go to your settings tab, and if you scroll all the way down you will see show advanced settings. Click on show advanced and you will see this playback section. But there is no capability of actually selecting your playback device what that means is that it'll output it to your desktop. Device automatically, because that is what set as your default so what you want to do edit your shortcut and at the end of your shortcut target what you want to add is Apply ok, let's just close Spotify over here. Now when you open up Spotify again and you go back to your settings. Scroll down to show advanced. Under playback you now have a playback device now you can specify be it the default or any other device that you'll want to output it to now I'm going to output it to the VB audio cable a and You'll see that VB audio cable a is nowhere here, now if I play anything on Spotify It doesn't specify anything.

Version two

Let's select cable a and now you can see the Spotify music starting to come through. Now what voicemeeter allows you, is to split all those channels and decide where you want to output it to so I can output Let's just rename this quickly So I can output the Spotify music to my A1 – which is the headset. I can output it to my desktop and I can output it to my Voicemeeter cable B. Now this voice meter cable B that I've set up just before I show you Is for my Nvidia recording separate tracks. So if I go to audio you can see that I've my microphone source is audio cable B now what I've done to set that up in voicemeeter banana, you can see that my output A3 has been selected as now I've also output all my comms To A3 which is audio cable B, and my mic to A3, which is audio cable B.

Now if we start Outputting it to my Logitech headset I can output it to my desktop which my main mic will pick up and I can also output it directly to audio cable B Which is the separate audio track now as soon as I do this, it'll be overwhelming, but I can also. Change it so that we can actually hear what's going on and just have it as a little bit of background music. Now bear in mind I can still change *my mic volume over here* over here. So you can now adjust. Communications audio your background Spotify music audio as well as your desktop audio and now I've got a little bit more control as to what is being output and where it is being output to It's as easy as that you go into your Spotify you set your properties with –enable-audio-graph and you make sure that you're using voice meter banana in the video that I've Listed below.


Thank you for reading! Please again, press that like button down below subscribe to my channel. And if you are interested in having a guide made, please support me on patreon It is really helpful and thank you for watching Y0kenB out.

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