‘My Favorite Murder’ Karen Kilgariff & Georgia Hardstak, Never Running Out of Murders to Tell THR

The podcast is a true crime comedy podcast, where we tell each other crazy murder stories that we're fascinated by, and horrified by, and can't sleep at night because of. The humor is around our own anxiety with the horrible things that happen in the world, not around the things that are happening to the victims of the horrible thing. – The thing that drives us, because there are times where humor isn't, doesn't really come into play.


We're sick of murder 

My Favorite Murder' Karen Kilgariff & Georgia Hardstak, Never Running Out of Murders to Tell | THR (upbeat music) – We're sick of the worst things about life. – I do get sick of reading about and learning about murder constantly, and so some weeks, I'll be like, I don't, I don't wanna keep reading about these stories, and then I'll, you know, make the story that I'm gonna tell that week, and it's perfect, and in my mind I think, like, oh I can't wait to tell Karen about this. And people always ask us, do you think you'll ever run out of murders? And I think what we've learned is, unfortunately, there's just a never-ending list of horrible people that we can talk about. – Yeah, it's like the world's oldest profession is prostitution, but then the second oldest is a murderer. – [Georgia] Yeah – They don't get paid that well, but.


It seems like there really is a bottomless well of those stories. – Yeah, and we're here to tell everyone about them, 'cause we don't want anyone to sleep the night. – That's why we're here. – Ever again. (upbeat music) – The Murderino is someone who's just really into true crime, like we are. – And that's basically, that's a line from a Simpson's Halloween episode, where Ned Flanders walks in and says "hi diddly-o, Murderinos", and it's basically self, they nickname themselves and kind of ran with it. So, it's hard to name a single most meaningful experience with a Murderino because they've really come in a full range. I mean, like, we've had some really very quick but deep talks with people at the Meet-and-Greets. People saying they changed their majors to some kind of criminology, you know, or going back to school, or going to therapy or going back to therapy. There's been a ton of those stories. We just started this because we liked talking about true crime, and the kinda ripple effects are mind-blowing to us. – When we meet Murderinos they always say to us, "I feel like I know you, I feel like you're my best friend".

How is it?

And it's like, well you do know us, and we would, it's always these cool women mostly that we would be friends with anyways. It's just, we're really lucky that our fan base is essentially women like us. – And a sprinkling of super-cool men. – That's right. – Extra cool – Yeah – I guess some of the early milestones for us in this podcast would be maybe, the first time somebody recognized us on the street and said something or said you know, the podcast meant something. – I think that pretty much it's been three years of constant milestones and when the book comes out, it's just going to, I think, be the biggest one so far. There's nothing different about the book, then there is the podcast, except that it's the stories, the horror stories that we tell you about our own lives, we just go deeper into those. – Yeah, because we, in the book, as opposed to the podcast, we can't interrupt each other. (Georgia laughing) So we really get some nice airtime on the page with ourselves. – To talk about ourselves. – To be like, I'll tell you every detail of the story. – [Georgia] That's right – We don't change the subject. – That's Karen Kilgariff. – And that's Georgia Hardstark. – And you're watching the Hollywood Reporter. – SSDGM. (upbeat music)

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