Building Your Team

Building Your Team – [Narrator] You're serious about your music, and you're ready to build a team to take things to the next level. But what does a team look like? To get a better idea of when and how to build a team, we talked to people across the industry. – Hola. – Wassup? – Yes. – Is is honey lemon ginger? – It smells amazing. – Artists should consider building a team the minute that there's money being exchanged. – Once I had music that I really believed in that was the only time I really felt like I was ready to build something. – It's all about assembling a team that's just as hungry as you or even more.


It's no days off, not over here

– I'd look at manager, booking agent, lawyer. – I would probably flip that, I mean maybe you might want to get a lawyer first. – Do I have an attorney? – [Man] Yeah, we have an attorney. – Yes, I have an attorney. – [Narrator] The truth is, it's different for all artists, because everyone has different needs at different times. – It just depends on what stage you're at in your career. – [Narrator] This is Troy, – Hi. – [Narrator] He runs creative services. – Sometimes there's 50 key team members around any one artist, so for a new artist that one key team member might be your road manager or your manager. – Honestly, I really wasn't looking for no manager, I was just looking to gain fans. (laughing) – [Narrator] From the creative services team, here's Drew and Brian. – I don't know why I, don't do that, I don't wanna do a thumbs up. – [Narrator] What does a manager do? – A manager helps you navigate the murky waters of the music industry. – Your manager's really the hub. – [Narrator] This is Stephanie. – Hi. – [Narrator] She manages artists like Santigold and CID. – We sit between everyone to make sure that they're all doing what they're supposed to do and they're executing your vision. – You really want somebody who's gonna have your back. Somebody that you can trust. – What makes a great manager is they have all of their resources and the contacts to help expand your business. – Find somebody who really, really loves your music. – It's either gonna be someone that you are already extremely close with or it's gonna be somebody that you admire or respect because of their business experience. – [Narrator] So when do you need a booking agent? – As soon as there's demand for your music and people want to see you play. – It's really hard to get on to some of these big shows if you don't have someone that's really well connected. – You don't have to have a booking agent, but I think they take off a load of work off your shoulders. – [Narrator] So what makes a good lawyer? – A good lawyer can help you as an artist get the best deal, the best contract. – It's really just to make sure that you're not signing your life away when you first start out. Which happens a lot – [Narrator] So when's the right time to start building this dream team? – There's no rule book to it at this point, you can do so many things on your own. When an artist is looking for a team, you've gotta find people who have passion for what you're doing. 'cause you're asking that person to care as much about your art and your craft as you do. – [Narrator] But at the end of the day, no one is more important than the artist, right? – I think I'm the best ever. – [Narrator] That's keeping it humble. – Yeah. – There's just no way that someone on your team can be more excited about your art than you.

It just doesn't make sense. – You most definitely have to be the hardest working person in your team and, you know, that's how I got here. And it'll never change. – [Narrator] Cool, thanks for the breakdown y'all. That's it for now, see ya next time.


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