How to play music offline on Spotify

Hello and welcome to KahindoTech! in this video I'll teach you how to play music offline on Spotify. So let's begin But before we begin in order to play music *offline* on Spotify you basically have to download them and store them in your phone, but In order to download the music you must have a premium account.


You have to pay for everything, even for Spotife plays

Meaning that you paid the monthly bills. Okay, and if you don't have, if you don't think you can afford them. Accounts there's a there student Student discount so if you like if you're a student. That's one option that you can have but you basically have to have a premium account in order to play music alright Play music offline, so let's begin first open up Spotify. The different ways that you can play music offline is by downloading either a playlist or an album, a whole album Alright, but let's say you just wanna download one specific song what I like to do is is just put it in a particular playlist So I'll be able to download an entire playlist doing stuff what I mean. So you can only download an entire playlist or album. You cannot download one specific song? To show you an example is like. So you see here, I have. I Have this playlist here, okay, so what I just do is when I went to the playlist I just pull all the songs that I want to download in one particular playlist. Say like this playlist here called Hitz and buy plays for Spotify. I'll tap on that.

So I first you add a song into a playlist 

So let me walk you through that right now. Let's add another Michael Jackson song "Billie Jean" so go on to Is that how you spell it? Say you find a song and then look here To the right over these little dots, tap on those And then add this song to a playlist Now find a playlist that you have added or if you haven't add playlist yet, just create a new playlist But I already have, I have a playlist already. If you wanna add a new playlist, you just have to click here Where it says "New Playlist" but since I have a playlist, I'll just put it in this place that I've created already Alright I add it in there. Now when I go back to my playlist I'll go back over here. This is the Lib. if you tap you here, it will take you to the library and then tap on playlist and Then go to this playlist I have been creating.

Now if I want to play this whole playlist offline What I have to do is just download this whole playlist. And to do that is ah. you see where it says download? Across from that, there is this, press on that What that does is download your music.

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