How to play music offline on Spotify (PART 2)

One thing that you gotta watch out for is, if. That default settings on Spotify is that. It only downloads over Wi-Fi! If you want to learn how to download music when you don't have Wi-Fi, just using your data. Please let me know in the comment section below, but anyway after you have like a Download your music into if you have downloaded now, you can play offline without without any Wi-Fi or data and Other places that.


another example that I was going to show you. and these are albums. So if you save an album So these are all the albums I have saved Say for this album, if I go into the album. The download option is here again, so once I download this album They would be like a little bloom or green marker and that will tell me, I can play this offline okay and Also, you can just ahh. if you just save all the. let's go back.


If you save all the songs and you can download this entire "Song" library. With. there is a lot of songs here Anyways, those are the ways that you can download music and play them offline. You basically have to love a premium account and then Download the music so you'd be able to play it when you're offline.

That's how you can play music offline on Spotify. I hope this helped But if you have any other questions, things that did not make sense, please let me know in the comment section below and I'll get back to you. Thank you for watching and please subscribe if you found this video helpful I make many more other videos covering many different subjects.

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