The Moment of Truth Testing My Ability (Learning Portuguese part 2) (PART 2)

What I'm saying is: it's a very honourable position to be in to speak a foreign language and a humbling one if you approach it the right way. At the end day don't let perfection interfere of making mistakes, prevent you from being good, from getting good. So many people speak about the wonders of how alcohol suddenly makes them speak foreign languages so much better.


It doesn't, okay? It just removes the fear. Speaking someone else's language is a mayor sign of respect towards that culture and people appreciate the effort. Especially if you are a native English speaker. Because, you know, it's everywhere now. Unfortunately Americans are not known for trying very hard with foreign languages.


So it's cool to surprise people

As you can see there was fair amount of struggling going on. But it was of super cool to be able to carry a conversation that I found stimulating and interesting. This of course is just the beginning.

Learning a language really is a marathon and not a sprint. Attacking things this way is meant to give you a lot of momentum. But if wanna get properly fluent you really do have to stick with things.

And I will say this: it does not have to be a massive commitment. As long as you activating that part of your brain you…you maintain access to it. Which is exactly what I am planning to do. As soon as it becomes possible again I would love to visit Portugal and Brazil…uhm… and document those experiences.

Explore the concept of "Saudade"… uhm…and talk directly with the people. We see how thing go. Thank you so much for watching and I'll see you soon.


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