How To Change Order Of Songs In A Playlist Spotify (PART 2)

So you shouldn't be…you shouldn't run into too many problems. Alright let's begin! First we'll open up the Spotify app.

Once, you have it open, go to your playlist and then if you're an Android user look on the top, if you're an iPhone user look on the bottom as for me I'm an iPhone user, so on the bottom there's a menu that says "Home, Browser, Search, Radio, Your Library", Click on where it says "Your Library" Alright and I was…ok so if you click on where it says, "Your Libraries".

It take you to this page. And the second item is as you can see, says "Playlists". Tap on that, alright and I'm going to change the order of songs in my playlist called, "Example… …Playlist. I would tap on. Ok once you're here, look at the top of your screen, where it says "Example Playlists".


Tap and tap

To the right of that, there are three little dots. Tap on those. Then once you're here, tap on where it says "Edit"…ok now on every song…so every song has the little red.. …dot on every song. To change the order of how these songs are… say I want to make Billie Jean the top song. Look on the right of Billy…the song Billie Jean, there are those three bars, tap and hold those and move your *fingers* and now we'll move this song up or down. So as I tap and hold it, I can drag it up or I can bring it down.

So once you have put the song on the right spot that you would like look on the upper right corner of your screen, where it says done. Tap on that and there you go, I have changed the order of my songs in this playlist. It's pretty simple, but if you have any other questions or comments please leave them in the comment section below.

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